Theodore Romanchock

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Theodore M. Romanchock

Age 10

A Day Without Water

“In our homes we use far more water that we need simply to stay alive” (World Book Encyclopedia). A day without water would be no day at all. First, we wouldn’t have any food because most food has water in it already or needs it to be prepared with water.  Think of a juicy peach, it has so much water in it, can’t you just imagine biting into a peach and the juice running down your chin?   Without water that wouldn’t happen, in fact, there wouldn’t be a peach at all because farmers can’t grow food without water.  Peaches, raspberries and, of course, the watermelon all need soil, sunlight and water to grow. Farmers use irrigation for growing crops. and  the USA uses 140 billion gallons of water a day just for irrigation (World Book Encyclopedia).

The lack of food wouldn’t be the only problem, however.  Without water, there would be no clouds to rain on the plants or reflect heat back onto the earth at night, causing the planet’s  climate to change drastically and quickly. The atmosphere would stop working the way it does to moderate the Earth’s temperature because there would be no water vapor in the it.  Places that are comfortable now, would be very hot during the day without clouds to shade us and freezing at night! The planet entire Earth would be like a desert. That would make it very hard to grow crops and make it hard for humans to inhabit Earth!

On average each person in the USA uses over 100 gallons(850 lbs)of water a day! (World Book Encyclopedia) That’s about the same weight of a yearling steer! Without water cities would become uninhabitable because no one could flush the toilet, or take a shower because of the lack of water, or even fight fires.  This would be very bad because we couldn’t dispose of human waste and that would smell and piling up waste would spread disease! Also many regions would lose power because hydroelectric dams would have to close down!

What’s more, planet Earth would be a desert from lack of rainfall, and without rainfall there are no plants, with no plants no food, no food, no people!  What would people do when there was no food, nothing to drink and it was uncomfortably hot or cold? 80% of the human body is water, so in the end, none of the reasons above would matter to us because there would be no people on Earth.  

In conclusion,  a day without water would be no day at all for humans, that’s why we should conserve and stop wasting water.  The largest uses of water are industrial processes like paper making and cooling steel hydrofracking. Ways we can help conserve water are, do not hydrofrac and be sure to recycle paper and other industrial materials to reduce water wastage.   At home you can make a difference too! It is an extreme waste of water to: leave the water running when brushing your teeth, to leave the tap running, and wash your car unless necessary to maintain it (like in the winter to knock off salt so it will not eat your car) or use a sprinkler to water your grass. Because only 1% of Earth’s water is easily accessed it would be very bad if the Earth ran out of water.  The end of water would end the planet’s inhabitants! (see at: https./ So I repeat, we should not waste water and should  instead conserve it while we have it.

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