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CCAC 2019 Annual Meeting Report Learn more about what Concerned Citizens was working on in 2018 and our vision for 2019. Click here to view the highlights month by month!

The following articles and websites have more information regarding the issues that CCAC is passionate about and strives to educate the community on.


The Coalition to Protect NY is a great organization focused on the anti-fracking movement.  Visit their website here and find lots of great information and resources: http://www.coalitiontoprotectnewyork.org/

New York’s Already Being Fracked

Fracking Puts American Dreams at Stake


Project foes target FERC October 29, 2016

Wyoming, Erie & Cattaragus Communities Act on Pipeline (WECAP) Facebook Page – lots of articles and information on the proposed Northern Access Pipeline

Why Eminent Domain Does Not Apply to A Pipeline

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