How to use the NYS Dept. of Public Service website

Energy information with a “click”

Energy information with a “click”:

How to use the New York State Department of Public Service website to inform yourself about energy generation projects in New York.

Go to – scroll down a page until you see a heading “What’s Trending”.  Below and to the right is a column of links headed “Generation Siting”.  Underneath this heading is a listing of all the projects which the DPS is monitoring as they progress through the application process.

  For example, here is the complete link to the Alle-Catt wind project currently under review, for the document listing:

This is the corresponding link for the Moraine solar project, also the document listing:

You are now in the “Matter Master”  Each project has 4 tabs to explore. Also near the top of the page on the right are instructions on how to “Subscribe to Service List’ and how to make a “Request for Party Status.”  Using these tools you can keep on top of every event related to an energy generation project.


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