2019 Contest Winners Announced


What would a day without water look like to you? Concerned Citizens of Allegany County (CCAC) recently posed this question to students in the form of a county-wide writing contest to promote water conservation in observance of World Water Day (March 22).  In response, more than 50 essays were submitted from public, parochial, and homeschool students across the county. These creative essays ranged from fact-based, to post-apocalyptic, and everywhere in-between.


Jack Byrnes, a student in Sandra Regas’ eighth grade class at Immaculate Conception School, and Felicity Morrison, a student in McKayla Beck’s seventh grade class at Wellsville CSD, were the two prize winners in this contest. Byrnes’ essay starts in a Sci-Fi atmosphere, with astronauts finding a futuristic Earth that is left devoid of potable water sources. He then discusses what local municipalities could do to protect our region’s water sources in the near future. Jack writes, “To improve upon what we currently have, we could replace our current town water cleaning systems with Ultra Violet filters; this is an improvement, as it puts no chemicals, like chlorine, into the water. It also can kill any waterborne pathogens, like other methods, without the harmful chemicals”.  The judges were most impressed by the tangible, pragmatic suggestions Jack had in combination with his inventive vision in the first half of his succinct essay.


Felicity Morrison’s first paragraph speaks for itself: “This just in, sources have confirmed that the world’s water supply is completely gone. Chaos is raging through the streets. Wildfires have started with nothing to put them out. People can survive a day without water, but who knows how long this will last. Could this be a potential blessing to show that we shouldn’t take water for granted? Or could this be a catastrophe for all living things? Stay tuned to find out”. Morrison took a creative-writing approach to her essay, in a tactic that allures readers to her message. Honorable Mention was awarded to Theodore Romanchock, age 10. The judges were blown away with Theodore, when his essay began with the bold statement:  “A day without water would be no day at all”. Romanchock went on to discuss how water is integral in all living organisms.


The two prize winners were awarded $50 each and honorable mention was awarded $20 for their essay submissions. Many students understood the challenges that a day without water would have on their lives, their community, and impact the world as a whole. “This contest showcases Allegany County students and educators working together to combine imaginative writing and scientific research skills,” says Karen Ash, CCAC Chair. “Everyone who took part in this writing contest deserves our applause for their diligence and commitment to water protection initiatives.”

The students recorded their winning essays for broadcast on Angelica Community Radio. Residents heard the winners by logging on to the station’s internet stream at http://www.wraq.org on Friday afternoon, March 22nd, or by downloading the Angelica Community Radio app.

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